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Oral Pathology


At the end of the presentation learners should be able to explain the etiopathogenesis, clinical features, clinical and radiological differenrential diagnosis, histopathological features, investigations & treatment for Adenomatoid Odontogenic Tumour.     DENTIGEROUS CYST AMELOBLASTOMA MURAL AMELOBLASTOMA ADENOMATOID ODONTOGENIC TUMOUR MURAL ADENOMATOID ODONTOGENIC TUMOUR ODONTOGENIC KERATOCYST CENTRAL GIANT CELL GRANULOMA

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Projections of dental lamina into ectomesenchyme Layered cap (inner/outer enamel epithelium, stratum intermedium, stellate reticulum) Odontoblasts secrete dentin à ameloblasts (from IEE) à enamel Cementoblasts à cementum Fibroblasts à periodontal membrane   Developmental Lateral Periodontal Cyst [Slide 17 Content] From epithelial rests in periodontal ligament vs. primordial cyst – tooth …

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Odontogenic Tumors-IV

At  the end of the lecture student should be able to Describe etiology, Enlist clinical features, Enlist radiological features, Enlist histopathological features of Unicystic ameloblastoma & Calcifying epithelial odontogenic tumor   Growth of the ameloblastic epithelium into the connective tissue wall of the otherwise cystic neoplasm. The epithelium may remain …

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Odontogenic Tumors-Ib

Radiographically, the intraosseous ameloblastoma classically is described as a multilocular or ‘‘soap-bubble’’radiolucency. Other radiographic patterns seen are Smooth bordered unilocular radiolucency, A unilocular lucency with a scalloped or lobulated border, A poorly delineated mixed lucentopaque lesion The granular cells sometimes show a sharply delineated cell border, but most often the …

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Odontogenic Tumors-Ia

                                INTRODUCTION Odontogenic tumors are lesions derived from epithelial, ectomesenchymal  &/or mesenchymal elements that are or have been a part of tooth forming apparatus. Exclusively found in jaw bones (Intrabony or centrally located) or in the soft tissues overlying the tooth bearing areas (Peripherally located)   Benign odontogenic tumors …

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Odontogenic cysts-III

The epithelial lining has characteristic odontogenic features with a prominent basal layer consisting of palisaded columnar or cuboidal cells and hyperchromatic nuclei which are polarized away from the basement membrane   A few ghost cells may contain nu