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Ortho in CLEFT

  • An intergrated approach is essential in management of patients with orofacial clefts
  • Adult patients often need a synergistic intervention by  Orthodontist & Surgeon for the final rehablitation
  • Orthopedic & surgical expansion of the scarred constricted maxilla, orthodontic preparation & completion, Orthognathic reconstruction with adequate bone grafts offers the function & esthetics to these patients
  •    Presence of cleft lip or palate may have ramifications in contiguous and distant craniofacial structures and their derivatives
  • Class III  * McNeil
  • Similar trend as in normal population- Class I, II,III * Berkowitz
  • Maxilla & Mandible could be retro positioned * Semb & Ross
  • Along with steep mandibular plane *  Chierici & Bishara

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