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Ortho Management of CLIP

  • It can be defined as “a furrow in the palatal vault” (clp). / A breach in the continuity of palate.
  • Cleft lip or harelip is most common congenital deformities seen at the time of birth.
  • No group of patients is more profoundly handicapped in a personal sense than those who are facially disfigured. Whatever the cause, the high visibility of facial deformity creates special difficulties related to social identity and interaction. Initially reaction towards this person are universally negative even the health professionals initially have negative response as well.
  • The secondary palate is derived from the portions of the maxillary processes extend laterally on either side of the tongue during the 7th week of I.U.L. The maxillary processes gives off palatal shelves that grow medially. The union of the two palatal shelves is prevented initially by the presence of the tongue. Thus the shelves grow vertically down. The tongue developing from the occipital my tomes initially occupies the entire oronasal cavity. During the 7th week of I.U.L,  the tongue descends in to the oral cavity.
  •   The descends of the tongue in to the oral cavity causes the elevation of the palatal processes from a vertical to a horizontal plane. With further growth the two horizontally placed palatal processes approach each other and fuse in the midline around the 9th  week of I.U.L. The role played by the tongue in the elevation of the palatal processes and its subsequent fusion at the midline is a subject of much controversy.

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