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Orthodontic Archwires

  • Orthodontic wires which generate the biomechanical forces communicated  through brackets for tooth movement ,are central to the practice of profession.
  •           In  the rational selection of wires for a particular treatment ,the orthodontist should consider a variety of factors ,including the amount of force delivery that is desired ,the elastic range or springback ,formability and the need for soldering and welding to assemble the appliance
  •   It represents the elastic strain recovered on unloading from permanent deformation range.
  • Given by Expression :- YS/E. ( Yield strength / elastic modulus).
  •     In many clinical situations, orthodontic wires are deformed beyond their Elastic limit. Their spring back properties in portion of load deflection  curve between elastic limit and ultimate strength are important in determining clinical performance.
  •   Unloading  curve from the permanent deformation range for well behaved orthodontic wire alloys (i.e.,  other than NiTi wires) is parallel to the elastic loading curve the value of YS/E represents the approximately amount of elastic strain released by archwire on unloading

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