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INTRODUCTION PHASES OF ARCHWIRE DEVELOPMENT WROUGHT METAL ALLOYS BASIC MECHANICAL PROPERTIES WIRE CHARACTERISTICS OF CLINICAL RELEVANCE GOLD ALLOYS STAINLESS STEEL Multistranded wires Australian Arch wires Ferritic stainless steel (400 series) BCC microstructure Cannot be hardened by heat treatment Not readily work hardenable Martensitic stainless steel (400 series) Less corrosion resistant …

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Growth prediction and age estimation

Introduction Methods of growth prediction Gnomic growth and logarithmic spiral Arcial growth Rickett’s cepahlometric prediction Parental data to predict craniofacial growth Johnston method FEM Prediction of mandibular growth rotations Mathematical model  for prediction of craniofacial growth There are several functional conditions which are not violated during orofacial growth- one of …

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 In early days of Orthodontic treatment, the original      diagnostic records consisted only of a set of patient      record and the patient’s were classified as Angle’s class      1 or 2 or 3 dental malocclusion.      Treatment prescription during those times basically      aimed at establishing class 1 alignment of the dental      arch. Therefore …

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VS part-1

–  Introduction –  Concept and Appliance design          -Diagnosis and treatment planning          -The concept              * Bracket selection              *Bracket height              *Bracket angulation              *Bracket torque              *Bracket in and out              *Archwire selection and sequence -Non Extraction treatment           -Maxillary and mandibular arches           -Extraoral force application                 …

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Pauline Arnold Aharon et al (1997)               Quickceph and Dentofacial planner.         Results: Overall prediction was good.         Greater the magnitude of movement larger the prediction error. Ron Jacobson et al (2002)  Dentofacial planner.                       Maxillary Impaction       Results: On average for each patient 80% of actual results             fell within 2mm of …

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The continued improvement in orthodontic and surgical techniques creates a greater demand for the orthodontist to communicate with the patient and other involved professionals about the projected treatment goals and outcome.     Computerized video imaging technology offers a mutual visual template by which dentists,orthodontists,oral and maxillofacial surgeons,and plastic surgeons …

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