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Overjet Reduction in Straight Wire Appliance

  • Interarch traction
  • Indications & goals
    • From ant. part of max. arch to pos. part of mand. arch commonly referred as class II elastics
    • Results primarily in protraction of mand. teeth & to a lesser extent retraction of max. teeth
    • Due to vertical vector à extrusion of mand. post. & max. ant.à rotation of occl. plane up pos. &down ant.
    • Trans. Dim. – some tendency for mand. Molars to tip buccally
      • Greatest improvement – wearing the appliance during most active period of facial growth
      • During late mixed dentition
      • Increase release of GH & other endocrinal factors that promote growth occurs during evening & night .
      • As evening & night time usually only time one can reliably expect pt. to wear headgear –nocturnal phenome. Biologic benefit to patient

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