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paranasal sinuses

  • All sinuses have common embryologic origin that’s why they share common characteristics.
  • The sinuses are present in a rudimentary form at birth, they enlarge appreciably around 7-8 years of life and become fully formed in adolescence.
  • From birth to adult life the growth of the sinuses is due to the enlargement of the bones, in old age it is due to resorption of the surrounding cancellous bones.


  • The early paranasal sinuses expand into the cartilage walls and roof of the nasal fossa by growth of mucous membrane sacs (primary pneumatization) into the maxillary sphenoidal, frontal and ethmoid bone.
  • The sinuses enlarge into the bone (secondary pneumatization) from their initial small outpocketings always retaining communication with the nasal fossa through ostia.

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