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Periodontal Changes in Orthodontic Treament

  • Accumulation of microorganisms around teeth can cause gingival redness, bleeding and edema, changes in gingival morphology, reduced tissue adaptation to the teeth, an increase in the flow of crevicular fluid and other clinical signs of inflammation. Mechanical removal of plaque reduces gingivitis. Removal of supragingival plaque has been shown to have an inhibitory effect on the formation of subgingival plaque.
  • Only the established lesion can be observed as clinical gingivitis. The important point is that alveolar bone loss has not yet occurred and it is hoped that the lesion can be prevented from spreading onto the surrounding structures. It is therefore crucial to determine the appropriate plaque control intervals for the patient which will prevent bone loss. Pseudo pockets or gingival overgrowth or enlargement of the gingival margin and the papilla, whether it is drug induced or primary plaque related, are exacerbated by poor hygiene.

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