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Physio of Stomatognathic System

  •              Although bone is the hardest tissue in the body,it is one of the most responsive to change when there is an alteration in the environmental balance .as an orthodontist can establish a perfect occlusion of teeth,but unless he takes into consideration the effects of the use of these teeth,unless he makes allowances for the manifold environmental functional influences,the delicately responsive bony structures are apt  to change,and the tooth positions will  also change with them.

The major factor in environmental balance is the muscle musculature.muscles  are a potent  force,whether  they are  in active  function  or at rest.As  already  seen even a resting muscle is performing a function,that is maintaining posture  and a relationship  of contiguous  parts.The teeth and supporting structures are constantly under the  influence  of the contiguous  musculature.The integrity  of the dental arches  and the relations  of the teeth  to each other  within  each arch  and with opposing members are the result of the morphogenic pattern,as modified by the  stabilizing  and active  functional  forces  of the  muscles.

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