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Post & Core

  • Introduction
  • History
  • Treatment planning for post and core
  • Classification of posts
  • Factors affecting selection of post
  • Principles of tooth preparation for post and core
  • The ferrule effect
  • Core and core materials
  • Techniques of fabrication
  • Recent advances
  • conclusion


  •     Equal to the cervico incisal or cervico occlusal length of crown
  •     Longer than the crown
  •     One and one third the crown length
  •     Half the root length
  •     Two third the root length
  •     Four fifth the root length
  •     Half way between crestal bone and root apex
  •     As long as possible without disturbing the apical seal
  •    4.00mm safety zone is required for apical seal
  •   2-3mm —definite leakage
  • 4 mm– adequate—Nixon et al
  • 5mm—Apical seal—Mattison et al

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