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    • Introduction:
    • The growth of the craniofacial skeleton is in direct continuation of embryonic and fetal processes.
    • Majority of orthodontic patients come in the growth phase.
    • Treatment initiated during the growth period would essentially modify abnormal growth.
    • Growth changes in various parts of the face and the skull are complex and a sound knowledge of the craniofacial skeleton is essential.
    • Conversion of cancellous bone to compact bone
    • All newly formed bone is cancellous.
    • Each space between the trabaculae is lined with a layer of osteoblasts.
    • Deposition of lamellae by osteoblasts ( ring shaped).
    • Concentric lamellae – osteon.
    • Central space persists —haversian canal.
    • Atypical haversian systems or primary osteons.

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