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Prenatal Growth- Craniofacial

    • Necessary to eliminate surface epithelial covering.
    •    cessation of DNA synthesis in epithelium abt. 24- 36 hours before (biochemical pathways)
    • Underlying basal epithelial cells – glycoproteins rich – ready adhesion.
    • Midline seam – ectomesenchyme- palatal growth pressure – basal epithelial cells transform into fibroblasts(mesenchymal cells)
  • Intramembranous bone formation :
  • not preceded by cartilagenous model.
  • Directly laid down in fibrous manner.
  • Process :
  • Aggregation of mesenchymal cells.
  • Mesenchymal cells lay down bundles of collagen fibres.
  • Some enlarge ,acquire a basophilic cytoplasm – osteoblasts.
  • Osteoblasts secrete agelatinous matrix –  osteoid around collagen fibres.

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