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Principles of Tooth Preparation

    • Partial coverage rather than complete coverage
    • Preparation with minimum convergence angle (taper) between axial walls
    • Preparation of the occlusal surface so reduction follows the anatomic planes to give uniform thickness in the restoration
    • Preparation of the axial surfaces so tooth structure is removed evenly; if necessary, teeth should be orthodontically repositioned
    • Selection of a conservative margin compatible with the other principles of tooth preparation
    • Avoidance of unnecessary apical extension of preparation
    •   The junction between a cemented restoration and the tooth is always a potential site for recurrent caries because of dissolution of the luting agent and inherent roughness. The more accurately the restoration is adapted to the tooth, the less will be the chance of recurrent caries or periodontal disease. A well-designed preparation has a margin that is smooth and even. Rough, irregular, or “stepped” junctions greatly increase the length of the margin and substantially reduce the adaptation of the restoration

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