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  •   The word PRINCIPLE
  • according to  the OXFORD
  • English Dictionary means
  • a fundamental truth
  • serving as the foundation
  • for an action.
  •   The basic principles
  • underlying  the treatment
  • of teeth with  endodontic
  • problems are  those
  • underlying surgery in
  • general
  • [Object]
  • First Circumstance. A well-done gingival gold filling or PFM veneer crown on the involved tooth that could be damaged by clamps.
  • Variation. Clamp one tooth posterior to, and extend the rubber dam one tooth anterior to, the involved tooth.
  • Second Circumstance. Bridge abutments, splints, and orthodontic bands with wires.
  • Variation. Punch a larger-than-usual hole in the dam. Smear Oraseal around the hole on the underside of the dam. This mucilaginous material prevents leakage.

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