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Problem Shooting and Its Management

  • Orthodontist has responsibility in seeking pt. cooperation with elastics
  • B Should be worn conti. except brushing
  • BInstruct patient carefully where to attach elastics, after inst., have him place E himself
  • B Make sure patient can place elastic easily & remain in place without slipping off & undue breakage
  • B Caution the patient not to allow lower jaw to come forward in response to pulling forces exerted by class II elastics
  • ” Patient not wearing I.M elastics properly
  •        Ð Educate patient
  • 2. Ant. teeth assuming class III relationship
  • Excessive wearing of class II elastics
  •     Ð Discontinue Class II elastics till teeth are in edge
  •            to edge relation
  •     Ð place class III elastics, discontinue class III
  •            elastics when ant. teeth are edge to edge

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