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Proffit Contribution to Eruption

  • As the age range of patients receiving orthodontic treatment has expanded in recent years, problems related to the vertical movement of teeth and management of facial height have taken on greater significance.
  • Excessive or deficient eruption
  • Increased or decreased lower facial height,
  • Supraeruption,
  • Impaction, and failure of eruption are but a few of the problems which demand different solutions at different ages. It is not necessarily valid to assume that what is true for the adolescent will be true for the child or the adult.
  • Histologic evidence indicates that the permanent tooth germs, which bud from the developing deciduous teeth, generally assume a position lingual to their precursors.
  • As the deciduous teeth develop and erupt, the permanent tooth follicles undergo sometimes complicated migrations from their initial to their pre-eruptive positions.
  • Once crown formation has begun, however, the follicles of the posterior teeth move buccally with little, if any, radiographic evidence of occlusal or mesiodistal movement

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