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  • Introduction
  • Theories of psychological &behavioral development
  •       a. Learning & development of behavior
  •        b. Psychosocial theory
  •        c. Emotional development theory
  •        d. Cognition theory
  • Models of health behavior
  • Emotional Development And Orthodontic Treatment  Need
  • Patient compliance
  •       a. factors influencing adult cooperation in orthodontic treatment
  •       b. predicting patient compliance
  •       c. achieving patient compliance
  • Social inequality and discontinuation of orthodontic treatment
    • A series of 297 adolescent patients screened at the
    •  university of north carolina listed reasons for taking
    • Orthodontic treatment
    • Appearance of teeth 84%
    • Advice of dentist 52%
    • Appearance of face 41%
    • Teasing about the malocclusion resulted in strong feeling of
    • Unease and harassment significantly more often than did
    • Other types of teasing.
    • Treated children had a greater increase in self-esteem than
    • Untreated controls, which suggests positive effect for
    • Children who are being harassed about their teeth.

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