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Psychological Management of Orthodontic Patient

    • The successful practice of orthodontics is significantly dependent on the interaction between the orthodontist and the patient.
    •   Doctor-patient relationships in orthodontics can positively influence treatment outcomes by encouraging the patient to cooperate in following prescribed instructions related to appliance wear and maintenance of oral hygiene.
    •  Successful orthodontic treatment requires active cooperation from the patient throughout the necessary lengthy orthodontic procedures.
    •   Orthodontist-patient relationships have significant effects on the success of orthodontic treatment.
    •   In the practice of orthodontics today, time invested in creating and maintaining the important patient-doctor bond.
    •   Patients must be treated as people who have malocclusions, not malocclusions attached to people.
    •   Orthodontist behaviors such as listening, empathy, and explanation are important in achieving that goal.

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