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  • Sigmund Freud -1905 “Theory of sexuality”.
  • Karl Abraham  subdivided the phases of psychosexual development.
  • Carl-external factors play an important role in personal growth & adaptation.
  • Harry-Human development is largely shaped by external events mainly social interaction.
  • Erickson-developmental potentials at all stages of life.
  • Jean Piaget -Theory of cognitive development.
  • Anal stage:-
  • -Characterized by marked self centered behaviour.
  • -Anal zone becomes the primary zone of pleasure where functions of retention & elimination take on new importance.
  • Incomplete resolution of this phase results in untidiness.
  • Phallic stage:-
  • -Child becomes aware of the differences between the sexes.
  • -Oedipus complex ie the conflictual situation  arising between a child and his  parents during this phase.
  • Resolution of this is to identify his parent as role models.
  • -Unsatisfactory resolution results in Inability to form intimate sexual relationships.

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