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Pulp Vitality Assessment

  • Vitality assesment…crucial…
  •   Assessment aids
  •   Patient history
  •   Clinical examination
  •   * inspection
  •   * palpation
  •   * percussion
  •   * mobility – depressibility
  •   Traditional diagnostic aids
  •   New generation diagnostic aids


  •   Principle
  •   Response to thermal stimuli is based on hydrodynamic theory of sensitivity of dentin because pulp has no thermal sensory nerve endings.
  •   On application of thermal stimuli,there is stimulation of fluid movement with in the dentinal tubules that stimulates the odontoblasts and its associated fast conducting A –delta  nerve fibers,which interprets the response as pain.
  •                    Terminals of A-delta are located principally at the PDJ.From there free nerve endings penetrate  into the dentinal tubules for a distance of 150 -200 µm.

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