•     Uses
  • To locate roots and supernumerary, unerupted and impacted teeth.
  • To localize foreign bodies in the jaws and stones in the ducts of sublingual and submandibular glands
  • To aid in the examination of patients with trismus, who can open their mouths only a few mm.
  • To obtain information about location, nature extent and displacement of fractures of mandible and maxilla.
  • To determine the medial and lateral extent of disease (eg. cysts, osteo myelitis, malignancies)
  •   Radiography in edentulous patient.
    • Edentulous areas may contain roots, residual infection, impacted teeth, cysts, or other pathologic entities that may adversely affect usefulness of prosthetic appliances, or patients health.
    • Panoramic examination of edentulous jaws in most convenient
    • Cotton rolls are placed between the ridge and the film holder so as to support film holder.  Orthodontic elastics can be used to hold cotton rolls.
    • Patient may steady the film holding instrument with a hand or on opposing denture.

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