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Rational of Endodontics

  • Introduction
  • Inflammation
  • Causes of pulpal Inflammation
  • Pathways of pulpal & periapical infection
  • Responses of the pulp and periradicular tissue
  •             Cellular & Vascular Components
  •           Chemical mediators.
  • Syngcuk kim’s hypothetic mechanism of pathophysiology of pulpal disorder
  • Periradicular tissue changes following inflammation
  • Endodontic implication
  •              Fish theory of zones of  inflammation
  • Sequence of pulpo periapical pathoses


  • Injury to the calcified structure of teeth and to the supporting tissues by noxious stimuli may cause changes in the pulp and the periradicular tissues.
  • The inflammatory response of the connective tissue of the dental pulp is modified because of its milieu. Because the pulp is encased in hard tissues with limited portals of entry, it is an organ of terminal and limited circulation with no efficient collateral circulation and with limited space to expand during the inflammatory reaction. A clear concept is necessary for the understanding or  the diseases of the pulp and their extension to the periradicular tissues.

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