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Resin Retained FPD

  • However, when the abutment is sound, conventional full coverage procedures seem quite radical. More conservative procedures, such as partial veneer crowns or pin-retained restorations, present limitations in esthetics and retention. Many patients object to these drawbacks and consequently choose removable partial dentures which may not be used. Recent innovations in the acid-etch technique have led to new alternatives to traditional treatment for esthetic and restorative procedures.
  •   According to the glossary of prosthodontic terms
  •   Resin bonded prosthesis: A prosthesis that is luted to tooth structures primarily enamel which has been etched to provide mechanical retention for the resin cement.
  •   Early design incorporated perforation on the lingual plate (Rochette bridge) through which the resin bonded material passed to achieve a mechanical lock; subsequently use of acid etching of the metal plate (Maryland bridge) eliminated the need for perforations.

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