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  • Angle  summarized orthodontic retention as follows:
  • “After malposed teeth have been moved into the desired position they must be mechanically supported until all the tissues involved in their support and maintenance in their new positions shall have become thoroughly modified, both in structure and in function, to meet the new requirements.”
  • Retention of Lower Incisor Alignment:
  •    Skeletal growth has the potential for altering the position of the teeth.
  •   If the mandible grows downwards and forwards, the lower teeth get pushed into the lower lip which tipping them distally. For this reason, growth in normal or class III patients is usually associated with lower incisor crowding.
  •   A retainer in lower incisor region is adequate to prevent crowding until growth has declined.
  • Orthodontic retention should be continued till the third molars have erupted or have been removed.
  • Full time wear for first 3-4 months. followed by night time wear and then gradually wearing them off.


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