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Revision-Odontogenic tumors

  • The histologic subtype may have prognostic implications for recurrence.
    • The follicular type of ameloblastoma had the highest rate of recurrence at 29.5%.
    • The acanthomatous type of ameloblastoma showed only a 4.5% recurrence rate.
    • The plexiform subtype showed a 16.7% recurrence rate.
    • Recurrences documented in granular cell , basal cell,& Desmoplastic subtypes


  • Darkly staining periphery composed of
  •     tall columnar cells
  • Hyperchromatic nuclei.
  • A small clear vacuole can be seen between the nucleus & the basement membrane.
  • It mimic the normal embryologic
  • development of the tooth bud at
  • the stage of enamel matrix
  • production.

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