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Role of Hormones n Vitamins in Cranio facial Growth and Development

  • t has been postulated that most if not nearly all of the growth effects of GH, result from somatomedin.
  • It has been found that GH causes liver to form several small proteins called Somatomedins, that in turn have very potent effect of increasing all aspects of bone growth.
  •      When GH is supplied directly to cartilage condrocytes cultured outside the body, proliferation and enlargement fail to occur.
  • Atleast 4 different types of somatomedins have been isolated  and of this somatomedin-C is most important for functioning of GH.
  •       The pygmies of Africa have a congenital inability to synthesize significant amount of somatomedin-C and therefore even though they have normal levels of GH in plasma, they are people of short stature.
  • Juvenile myxedema –
    • Retardation in rate of deposition of calcium in bones and tooth buds.
    • Delayed carpal and epiphyseal calcification.
    • Disharmonies in eruption of teeth.
    • Incomplete unfolding of nasal area and inadequate development of maxilla.
    • Prolonged retention of deciduous dentition – as late as third decade.
    • Permanent teeth are slow to erupt.
    • Mesio- or distoclusion and crowding of teeth.
    • Malposed maxillary and mandibular incisors and canines with loss of proximal contact.
    • Abnormal dental calcification and root resorption.
    • Disturbances of periodontium – osteoporotic condition of alveolar bone.

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