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Role of Malnutrition in Malocclusion

    •                                    Contents
    •   Introduction
    •   Definition
    •   Nutrients
    •   Macronutrients
    •   micronutrients
    •   Biochemistry of growth and development
    •   Theories of craniofacial growth
    •   Craniofacial development
    •   Nutritional factors in development of human orofacial skeleton
  • Rickets may produce disturbed eruption and arrangements of the teeth and ir-regularities in the form of dental arches, open bite and deficient growth of maxilla are the characteristic of rachitic children. Mandible may appear shortened in anteroposterior-growth, the maxilla arch is long and narrow. The deciduous and permanent teeth are extremely subject to carrier and early loss. Flattening of the mandibular arch in the region of incisors is frequently found in children with rickets.

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