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Root Canal Sealers

  •   Cements easily lend to addition of chemicals
  •   Paraformaldehyde – antimicrobial & mummifying
  •   Rosin or Canada Balsam – dentin adhesion   Corticosteroids – suppression of inflammatory reactions.
  •   Rosins – 90% resin acid and remaining are volatile and non-volatile compounds.
  •   Resin acids – strong antimicrobial effect
  •   Setting of zinc oxide – eugenol cements
    • Because of rapid setting Grossman’s formula   (Procosol-silver cement) appeared in 1936.
    •   Both Rickert’s & Grossman’s formula criticized for   including silver.  Grossman’s formula revised in   1958 to exclude silver (Procosol non-staining   cement).
    •   Grossman’s formula again modified in 1974   (Grossman’s Sealer) by   addition of sodium borate   to the powder &   elimination of all ingredients   except eugenol from liquid.

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