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  • Beginning in 1950’s whole saliva evaluated.(anti microbial properties, role in microbial attachment,mineralization,taste, lubrication.)
  • Secretions of major salivary glands (parotid,submandibular, sublingual.)
  • In 1970’s individual components isolated & biochemically characterized.
  • In mid 1980’s beginning to map functional domains.(peptide synthesis, & recombinant approaches.)
  •          _ localized to the region of the isthmus in the
  • glossopalatine fold.but may extend from the posterior
  • Extension of the sublingual glands of soft palate.
  •        –   pure mucous.
  • Palatine glands.
  • They consists of several hundred glandular aggregates in the
  • Lamina propria of the postero lateral regionof the hardpalate.
  • & in the submucosa of soft palate& uvula.
  •   divided into several groups.
  •       1.Anterior lingual glands. (glands of blandin& nuhn.)
  •      2.posterior lingual mucous glands.
  •      3.posterior lingual serous glands.(von ebner’s glands.)

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