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Selection of MBT Appliance

  • Reduced tip value of cuspids avoids the problem of cuspid and bicuspid roots that finish in close proximity.
  • It also reduces the need for anchorage control.
  • Since the value is identical to normal values, there is no compromise in ideal static occlusion.
  • And if the condyles are in centric relation, there is no compromise in ideal functional occlusion as described by Roth.
  • When using 5/-9° brackets (tip = +5°) in the upper molars it is necessary to place the bands at 5° to the buccal cusps, in order to get the bracket wings parallel to the buccal groove of the tooth.
  • Bands do not fit well in this position and it is difficult to routinely place them in this way.
  • It is preferable therefore to use 0/-9° brackets (tip = – 5°) and place the molar bands parallel with buccal cusp of the molars

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