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Self Ligating Brackets

      • The dependency of these appliances biodegradable elastomeric ligature comes at the price of clinical efficiency . The frictional properties and their diminishing control with time¬† of elastomeric ligatures tend to inhibit treatment progress.A reduction of frictional burden through a use of under sized wires further sacrifices control. In addition, the degeneration and unhygienic nature of elastomeric ligatures require that they be maintain continuously ,there by compromising clinical efficiency.
  • Some investigators have claimed that the passive types of self-ligating brackets generate less friction in comparison with the active types
  • Several authors have indicated that the use of self-ligating brackets can reduce treatment time and save significant time in changing arch wires .It has been claimed that a reduction in treatment time with the use of self-ligating brackets is attributable to a decrease or an absence of a ligation force, which causes a contact between the arch wire and the bracket slot floor and/or the slot wall as the bracket slides along the arch wire .It should be emphasized that friction between arch wire and bracket is multifactorial.

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