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  • Definition:
  •     Cementum is a hard, avascular, mineralized connective tissue covering the anatomic roots of  human teeth.
  •     It was first demonstrated microscopically in 1835 by two pupils of purkinje.
  •     It begins at the cervical portion of the tooth at the Cementoenamel Junction and continues to the apex.
  •     Cementum furnishes a medium for the attachment of collagen fibers that binds the tooth to the surrounding    structures.
  • On a dry weight basis, cementum from fully formal permanent teeth contains about 45% to 50% inorganic substances and 50% to 55% organic material and water.
  •  The inorganic portion consists mainly of calcium and phosphate in the form of hydroxyapatite.
  •  Cementum has the highest fluoride content of all the mineralized tissues.
  •  The organic portion of cementum consists primarily of type I collagen and protein polysaccharides (proteoglycans).


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