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  • Serial Extractions:  Definitions-
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  • DEWEL,1969- “ selected deciduous and permanent teeth in a predetermined sequence”
  • “Correctly timed, planned removal of certain deciduous and permanent teeth in mixed dentition cases with dento-alveolar disproportion in order to
        • Alleviate crowding
        • Guide unerupted teeth
        • Lessen/eliminate period of active appliance therapy
  • “Sequential plan of premature removal of one/more deciduous teeth in order to improve alignment of succedaneous permanent teeth and finally removal of permanent teeth to maintain the proper ratio between tooth size and available bone”
  • Palsson(1956)
  • Robert Bunon (1743) “ESSAY ON DISEASES OF THE TEETH”- first reference
  • Joseph Fox (1814)- ext of deciduous canine absolutely necessary
  • Linderer(1851)- stripping of canines, premolar extraction.
  • Nance (1940)- “Father of serial extraction”
  • Rudolf Hotz (1948)-article- early planned extractions.
  • Birger Kjellgren (1947) 1st post war congress of EOS- SERIAL EXTRACTIONS
  • Hotz-active supervision of eruption—*guidance of eruption*

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