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Serial Extractions


  • Craniofacial sutures are responsible for the growth
  • This theory acknowledge the importance of Genetic theory
  • Sutures, cartilage and and Periosteum are growth centers
  • Sutures carry the genetic potential of the growth pattern,thus sutural patterns were predetermined
  • Disapproved
    • Transplantation of the sutures
    • Moss’ experiment on rats
    • Hydrocephaly and microcephaly
  • Proposed by Melvin Moss 1960, 1962, 1997
  • Original concept of Functional cranial component by Van Der Klaaw
  • The origin, form, position ,growth and maintenance of the skeletal tissue is secondary and compensatory to the responses that occur in the specifically related non skeletal tissues, organs or functioning spaces
  • Could not explain the control of the epigenetic factors
  • Functional matrix hypothesis revisited – 1997 AJO DO

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