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Servo System

    • Over many years various theories of growth have been proposed for the craniofacial complex.
    •   The Genetic theory, Scott’s Hypothesis, Sicher’s Sutural Dominance theory, Functional matrix theory attempt  to explain the growth of the cranofacial complex with different  growth determinants and have their own limitations.
    •   The Servosystem theory of growth  is based on a factorial qualitative analysis which takes into account various factors which determine a coordinated growth of the craniofacial complex as a whole.
    •   The Servosystem theory attempts to explain craniofacial growth and the modus operandi of Functional appliances.
    • James Scott- 1953, 1954, 1967
    • Cartilage has intrinsic growth potential.
    • Role of Periosteum and sutures only secondary.
    • All cartilages through out the skull are primary centres of growth.
    • Growth of the maxilla is attributed to the growth of the Nasal septal cartilage.
    • Nasal septal carrtilage is  the pacemaker of growth for the nasomaxillary complex.
    • The mandible is like the diaphysis of a long bone bent with epiphyseal cartilages at both ends.

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