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Shape Memory Alloys

  • Introduction :-
  •   It refers to the ability of the material to remember its original shape after being plastically deformed while in martensite form .
  •       In typical application Certain shape is set when the alloy is maintained at an elevated temperature, above martensite – austenite transition temperature .
  •   When the alloy is cooled below the transition temperature it can be plastically deformed but when heated again and the original shape is restored.
  • Classification – Orthodontic wires
  • Stainless steel , titanium –  Beta titanium , Nickel ti , co. cr – nickel .
  • In 1950 – 1st material used are noble metals & alloys – Gold , Platinum , Iridium , Silver alloy.
  • They lacked flexibility & tensile strength hence they were replaced by Stainless Steel.
  • In 1919 –SS was introduced by “KRUPPS” dental clinic in Germany by Dr. F.HAUPTMEYER.
  • In 1930 – Angle used SS as ligature wire .
  • In 1947 – SS was used as orthodontic material

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