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shilpa dua

  • CT- Interpretation:
    • Non calcific  polypoidal non enhancing soft tissue density with patchy peripheral hyperdense areas noted in the right maxillary sinus cavity extending in to the right nasal cavity via widened anterior OMU suggestive of right antrochonal polyp with mucocele.
    • There is buldging and thinning of anterolateral maxillary wall, lateral nasal wall and right half of hard palate with no evidence of break.
    • No intra-oral or intra-orbital extension evident.


  • A separate discussion is presented because there are distinct clinical differences characterised by location, behaviour and patient’s age.
  • Most patient’s are in the 1st & 2nd decade of life.
  • Many patient’s have facial swelling in the maxillary region, suborbital region and palatal swelling intra-orally. There may be tenderness associated with the swelling. Sometimes diplopia, exophthalmos and epiphora are associated findings.
  • The JOF is more likely to be painful than is the OF.
  • The lesion tends to grow more rapidly.

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