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Smear Layer

  • ensile strength of a cement-dentin interface,
  •   Remove the smear layer by etching with acid.
  •  Use  a resin that would infiltrate through the entire thickness of the smear layer.
  •  To fix smear layer with glutaraldehyde (Hoppenbrouwers ,    Driessens & stadhouders, 1974) or tanning agents such as tannic acid or Ferric chloride (Powis & other ,1982).
  •   To remove the smear layer by etching with acid and replace it with an artificial smear layer composed of crystalline precipitate(causton & Johnson,1982).
  •        Bowen used 5% ferric oxalate….


  • 25-30 % porous –cant produce totally effective sealing.
  • Failure of retrograde filling following apical surgery.
  • Avenue for leakage of microorganisms & a source of substrate for bacterial growth.
  • Viable bacteria-remain in dentinal tubules use the smear layer –sustained growth &activity.


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