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Soft Tissue Based Diagnosis and Treatment Planning..

  • Introduction
  • Facial analysis:changing concepts
  • Soft tissue analysis
  •                               -clinical examination
  •                               -cephalometric analysis
  •                               -others
  • Problem list based treatment planning
  • Soft tissue prediction based on
  •                             -tooth movement
  •                             -skeletal change
  • Influence of growth related soft tissue changes
  • Changing concepts of beauty
  • Conclusion
  • Humans have been aware of beauty from prehistoric times
  • An esthetically pleasing face is regarded as onein which various facial features are well proportioned and balanced,and relate well to other facial features
  • very often measurable relationship In 13th century st.thomas expressed a direct and between beauty and mathematical numbers,the “FABONOCCI SERIES”.according to him   symmetry results from dynamic symmetry

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