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Soft Tissue with Begg Technique

  • Dynamically or statically, the soft tissue contours of the face are determined by three interacting factors:
  • The skeletal foundation, which for the mid and lower face is provided by the jaws
  • The dental support system provided by the teeth
  • The soft tissue mask, influenced by both the underlying hard tissues and the components of the soft tissue itself (nose and chin, lip thickness, lip tonicity).
  • Maxillary sulcus contour
  • Normally sulcus – gently curved
  • indicate u lip tension.
  • With lip tension- contour flattens.
  • Flaccid lips form an accentuated curve with the vermilion lip area showing an accentuation of curve.
  • The flaccid lip generally is thick (12 to 20 mm from anterior vermilion to labial incisor) giving the lip the appearance of being too far forward relative to the teeth.

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