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sonia behal

  • Clinical features:
  • Age: Young persons, less than 30 years
  • Gender: Slight female predilection
  • Site: Long bones, mandible > maxilla
  • Symptoms and Signs:
  • Fairly rapid bony swelling
  • Occasional pain
  • Tenderness on palpation
  • Excessive bleeding upon entering the lesion, blood “welling up” from the tissue: blood soaked sponge
  • Hemorrhagic aspirate
  • Radiographic features:
  • Periphery and shape: Well-defined periphery with circular and hydraulic shape
  • Internal structure: Often multilocular
  • 3 stages of development:
  • Initial stage: An ill-defined lytic area
  • Growth phase: Enlarged area of bone destruction with early signs of peripheral cortication
  • Mature stage: Bony expansion, cortication and faint septa coursing through the lesion in a random pattern

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