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Space gaining in Orthodontics

  • Extraction
  • Expansion
  • Molar distalization
  • Enamel stripping
  • Uprighting of molars
  • Derotation of posterior teeth
  • Proclination of anteriors
  • Distraction osteogenesis
  • Indications for 2nd premolar extraction: Nance, Carey, Dewey and Thompson (Begg)
      • Good profile and mild crowding.
      • Straight profile and moderate crowding.
      • Class II div. 1 dental on class I skeletal with mild mandibular crowding.
      • Mild Class III and mild maxillary crowding Class III – 5   5  Niwa et al.
      • Case of maxillary set back surgery.
      • Crowded and out of arch.
      • Correction of molar relation.

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