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sqamous cell carcinoma

  • 90 percent of all head and neck cancers.
  • Males predominant.
  • Tobacco products, especially smokeless tobacco, are a primary cause.
  • This type of cancer is more common in 5 and 6 decade of life.
  • The recurrence rate was 32.7%.
  • The 5-year overall survival rate was 54.5%
  • In VC, an intense inflammatory cell response is observed in the connective tissue adjacent to the epithelium indicative of definitive epithelial-stromal interactions and different growth factors released by these dysplastic epithelial cells.
  • VC showed significant myofibroblastic activity.
  • A distinctive myofibroblast expression pattern, limited to the juxta-epithelial region of the connective tissue.
  • This suggests that epithelial and connective tissue interactions play an important role in the process of carcinogenesis of VC.

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