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systemic diseases manifested in jaws

  • Bone is a complex organ consisting of dense outer cortex covered by periosteum.
  • Inner medullary portion consists of-marrow spaces, red or yellow bone marrow.
  • Inner surface of cortex is lined by endosteum
  • Osteoblasts and osteoclasts are cells which regulate the bone .
  • Osseous,endocrine, GIT, nutritional, haemopoietic¬† systems are normally maintains the bone density.



  • General radiographic findings:
  • Syetemic diseases affect the entire body ,the radiographic chnages manifested in the jaw are generalized
  • Change in the size and shape of the bone
  • Change in the number size and orientation of the trabeculae
  • Altered thickness and density of the cortical structures
  • An increase and decrease in overall density

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