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The Intelligent Archwire

  • The crystallographic,tri-dimensional lattice of the Ni-Ti alloy is present in 2 phases:
  • Martensite phase:the lattice is body-centered  (cubic or tetragonal)
  • Austenitic phase: the lattice is face – centered
  • (hexagonal close packed)
  • An intermediate rhombohedral ‘R’phase with a simple hexagonal lattice has also been identified.
  • The deflection in an austenitic archwire at oral temp. generates a local martensitic transformation and produce stress induced martensite-SIM.
  • SIM is unstable and undergoes reverse transformation as soon as stress is removed.
  • In clinical application SIM forms where the wire is tied to brackets on misaligned teeth so that the wire becomes pliable ,with seemingly permanent deformation.

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