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The Tweed-Merrifield Diagnosis

  • Forces are based on arrangement of each tooth, relation of one arch to other and relationship of arches to the environment .
  • Progress ceph and tracing evaluated to determine mand incisor position, minor control of planes lingual root torque in max incisors.
  • Visual observations permit evaluation of lip line ,max incisor relationship, amount of cusp seating and artistic positioning of incisors.
  • This step is considered as mini treatment of malocclusion .
  • Characteristics observed at end of the stage of treatment
  • 1]incisors aligned
  • 2]occlusion overtreated
  • 3]anterior teeth in edge to edge
  • 4]max canine and 2nd premolar in class I
  • 5]max 1st molar mb cusp in mb groove of man 1st molar
  • 6]distal cusp of 1st molar and 2nd molar out of occlusion
  • 7]all spaces closed tightly

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