• Functional appliance is a device that changes the posture of the mandible,holding it open or open and forward to alter the growth of the mandible by transmitting muscle forces to the teeth and dentoalveolar structures in the predetermined direction.
  • An increasing recognition of the interrelationship of form and function,the realisation that neuromuscular involvement is vital in treatment and a growing understanding of head posture and the accomplishment of dentofacial pattern changes are all factors producing growth in the use of functional appliance.


  • In the late 1960’s Petrovic and co-workers produced the first rigorous demonstration that the condylar¬† cartilage’s growth rate and amount can be modified using appropriate functional and orthopedic appliances.
  • Also that the lateral pterygoid muscle (LPM)
  • apparently plays a regulating role in the control of the condylar cartilage’s growth rate.
  • Stutzmann et al (1976)discovered that the retrodiscal pad apparently has a mediator role in the efforts of the LPM to control condylar growth.
  • Stutzmann emphasises that secondary cartilages exist in condylar and coronoid processes and sometimes in sutures

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