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  • Extraction of deciduous teeth- ancient times
  • Celsus, Fauchard- recommended
  • Controversy- permanent teeth extraction
  • Hunter- 17th century- opposed- inhibited growth
  • Early 1800s- extraction of 1st premolars- Class II div 1 malocclusion
  • Delabarre- 1818- It is much easier to extract teeth than to determine if it is absolutely necessary
  • Many visitors- Tuscan- seminars- 1941
  • 1947- Tweed course- Charles H Tweed foundation for orthodontic research
  • Raymond Begg- Australia- nonextraction- 2 years
  • Studies of attrition in aborigines- crowding- result of lack of proximal wear
  • 1928- extraction
  • Stone age Man’s dentition- 1954, Differential force in orthodontic treatment – 1961

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