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TONGUE [Recovered]

  • Tongue is a muscular organ situated in floor of the mouth.
  • it is associated with functions of taste, speech, swallowing, and deglutition.
  •    Tongue develops in relation to the pharyngeal arches in the floor of the developing mouth in the 4th week of intra uterine life.
  • Each pharyngeal arches arises as a mesodermal thickening in the lateral wall of the foregut and grows ventrally to become continuous with the corresponding of the opposite arch.
  • The medial most part of the mandibular arches proliferate to form two lingual swellings.
  • The lingual swellings are partially separated from each other by another swelling that appear in the midline- Tuberculum impar.
  • Immediately behind tuberculum impar the epithelium proliferates to form downward growth -Thyroglossal duct(thyroid gland develops)
  • The site of this down growth is subsequently marked by a depression called- Foramen caecum
  • Another midline swelling is seen in relation to the medial ends of 2nd ,3rd ,4th arches.
  • The eminence soon shows a sub division into
  •               Cranial part- related to 2nd and 3rd arches,(copula)
  •               Caudal part- related to 4th arch(forms the epiglottis)


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