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Tooth Development and Eruption

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  • During evolution several significant changes took place in the jaws and teeth. When the reptilian evolve to mammalian , the dentition went from “polyphydont ” (many set of teeth) to  “diphydont ” (only two sets of teeth) and then to “homodent ” (all of same  teeth) to “heterodent”(different types of teeth like incisors, canines , premolars and molars) . There also arose the necessity for the teeth and bones to develop somewhat synchronously in order that the function of occlusion could be facilitated.
  • Stratum intermedium
    • Between the Inner Enamel Epithelium & newly differentiated stellete reticulum the epithelial cells differentiate into a layer of flattened(squamous) cells called stratum intermedium.
    • High degree of metabolic activity.
    • Absent in part of tooth germ that outlines the root portion of tooth but does not form enamel.
    • Along the inner enamel epithelium both layer considered as single functional unit responsible for formation of enamel.

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